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Our Approach

Knowledge is Power, and Health Knowledge is the best Medicine

What is TeleWellness ND? 

We are pioneers when it comes to Tele Wellness, our vision is to expand Tele Health services nation wide by providing access to safe, affordable, and convenient wellness health care solutions. Nutritional TeleWellness ND provides Tele Health  solutions for wellness health care through an online platform and a network of wellness medical providers. These providers are State licensed and credentialed DNP’s, ARNPs , PAs. ND’s , CSW’s and Nutritionist. 

Our programs and prescribed protocols concentrate on weight loss, performance enhancement, disease management, and age management issues using only prevention and optimization in areas of wellness such as; sleep, nutrition, hormones, exercise, diet, inflammation reduction, and lifestyle modification. Wellness programs may include doctor-formulated oral nutraceuticals, dietary supplements, laboratory testing, and refer for compounded Pharmaceutical therapies, and Infusion Services. Wellness coach will be assigned as needed. All prescribed pharmaceutical products are made in a premium compounding pharmacy, certified and licensed in states nationwide.

All TeleWellness ND clients maintain an established relationship with a primary Medical Care Physician including routine checkups. TeleWellness ND does not provide services for primary medical care or emergent conditions or prescribe any scheduled drugs. TeleWellness ND does not consult people under the age of 18. 

Wellness Advisors

Available Nationwide

Monday - Friday
8:00am - 5:00pm

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